Step 1 – This Is Big

This is bigger than I thought!

I thought I was modifying my dietary intake of alcohol down to a level that resulted in fewer cellular and caloric after effects. I thought I was giving my liver a break in processing aldehydes.

But this is so much more.

This is a stripping away of the nightly Novocain, the intentional self-applied numbing, the round tuit that I skipped processing most recently six years ago. Alcohol – a round tuit.

Instead of dealing with some emotional issues in a healthy, healing way, people pick up a drink to numb out with a promise to come back around to it and deal with it later. Hoping that it will fade away on its own. But it won’t. Alcohol is a medicine to help with debilitating symptoms. Unfortunately it has some zinger of side effects. So when you balls up and decide to take a fresh look at the issue you self-medicated for, brace yourself – it’s still there, in all its monstrous glory. And it’s going to be deep, and heavy. Why else would we self-medicate? Only if it’s so hairy we didn’t know how to handle it. Six-ten-twenty years later, are we better equipped? I hope so.

Well, my friend, it’s time. Have a round tuit, especially if you’re putting away your numbing. It’s time to see why you picked it up in the first place.